Legal Aid under threat

Kenneth Clarke complains that legal aid is costing the average taxpayer £39 per year. Under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill, now before Parliament, legal help, and representation in family and other civil proceedings will be severely curtailed, which will do severe harm to the rule of law, and cause widespread injustice. It will cause chaos in the civil courts as there will be more litigants-in- person who are unable to prepare and present their cases properly.
The Liberal Democrat Lawyers Association has published its Autumn 2011 Journal which is dedicated to the issue of legal aid. LEGAL DEMOCRAT JOURNAL Autumn 2011 PDF 23.9.11
which I hope all in Parliament will read and take note of. I suggest that the Bill is withdrawn and that the Justice Select Committee conducts a review of legal aid and comes up with some new ideas which will enable everyone in society to benefit from legal advice and assistance when they need it. The existing householders legal protection insurance is inadequate but surely the average taxpayer would be happy to pay £39 per year for an effective insurance policy. In this way access to justice would be enabled.


About michaeljameshall

I live in Orpington and am a retired solicitor. I am also a Liberal Democrat campaigner, interested in democracy, human rights, legal affairs and law reform. I am a member of the Liberal Democrat Lawyers' Association.
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